Compact Visible Lasers

The QLD0593 series consists of compact visible light lasers with wavelengths of 532nm, 561nm, and 594nm, that consist of a DFB laser followed by a wavelength doubler. The DFB laser ensures a highly stable, high-speed modulation, and realize low power consumption of the module. The QLD0593 series lasers come in a small package and can have either a free space output or a fiber pigtail design.

Part Number
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WavelengthPower OutputPackage


532 nm
561 nm
594 nm

5, 20, 30, 50 mW

Flat PKG


532 nm
561 nm

25 mW

Flat PKG w/ MMF pigtail


532 nm
561 nm

15 mW

Flat PKG w/ SMF/PMF pigtail