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Specialty Fibers – Fiber Optic Coils

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iXblue-Fibers has a great deal of experience in the Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) optical fiber coil winding and is offering a cost-effective winding solution to provide quadrupole gyro coils.

At the heart of a FOG is the sensing coil comprising several hundred meters of optical fiber, wound in such a way as to improve fiber gyroscope performance.

Coils for FOG are produced in a quadrupole pattern packed with glue and free standing to achieve high performance. The winding starts from the midpoint of the fiber length and proceeds outwards towards the fiber ends. Half the fiber is wound clockwise and the other half counterclockwise. Such winding patterns require a high level of expertise and experience to manage the alternating layers of optical fiber and crossovers that introduce winding flaws thus degrading the final gyroscope performance.

Key Features

Small foot print
RoHS compliant
Quadrupole coils pattern
Coil winding service for wide range of sizes and shapes
Tiger or Panda fiber type available

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