CYBEL OEM PRODUCTS @ 1µm, 1.5µm and 2µm


Cybel develops, manufactures and commercializes fiber amplifiers and laser technology at the wavelength of 1µm, 1.5µm and 2µm for scientific, industrial and defense applications. Our flagship OEM series, the SKYLINE and MAKO series, offers many advantages in terms of efficient, compact size, robustness, and easy use of operation and integration in optical systems. The Cybel Team also delivers leading edge products with the support of its customers while putting greater emphasis on the quality and reliability of its products.

Mako Fiber Amplifiers

The MAKO Fiber Amplifiers:


The Mako Fiber Amplifier Series is a compact amplifier designed to operate either in the 1µm emission band (.i.e. 1030nm to 1090nm) or in the 1.5µm emission band (1530-1560nm). These efficient OEM amplifiers offer low noise, and high saturate output power (1W). OEM units are available in standard or polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber versions for narrow linewidth laser (<100 KHz). An option for an L-band EDFA module is available. The module comes equipped with RS232 of USB computer interface for easy integration in end-user system application.

The MAKO-AMP is an efficient, ultra-compact (66 x 91 x 8 mm3) and ultra-light, all-fiber OEM unit specifically designed for many applications requiring small size.

Main applications include:

• Optical fiber transmission
• Free space communications
• Coherent Detection
• Spectroscopy
• Sensing
• Test and measurement







1064nm Compact Fiber Amplifier



1550nm Compact Fiber Amplifier