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Lumeras is an early stage technology company that develops, markets, and manufactures near infrared and short-wavelength laser sources for materials characterization, photolithographic metrology, mass spectrometry, and chemical & biological analysis, screening, and detection.

Lumeras offers both efficient optical pulse generators and high power amplifiers in the 1µm emission band. The pulse generators are versatile benchtop instruments, that deliver ns pulses with many adjustable parameters: frequency repetition rate, output  power, operating wavelength etc. Lumeras optical fiber amplifiers  are designed for CW or pulse mode in the wavelength range from 1000 to 1100nm. These polarization maintaining (PM) amplifiers exhibit output power in excess or 20W and peak power larger than 100kW. These are robust workhorses for demanding scientific or industrial  applications.

Lumeras also proposes advanced oscillator designs and robust frequency conversion technologies enable a suite of coherent ultraviolet (UV), deep ultraviolet (DUV), and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) laser sources with high average powers, flexible pulse format and near-diffraction-limited beam quality. Please contact us for more information



Optical Pulse Generators

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High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers

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Custom Light Sources

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