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NOVAE was founded in 2013 in Limoges, France by a team of inventors and entrepreneurs from CORIA, XLIM and CNRS. NOVAE technology is based on a novel and disruptive fiber laser architecture applied to the generation of coherent emission sources in the Mid Infrared (MIR) wavelength spectrum. NOVAE headquarters recently moved to  new facilities in Saint Martin le Vieux, near Limoges. Since its inception, NOVAE has focused its effort in the industrialization and commercialization of its BREVITY BASICs laser platform, a family of ultrafast pulsed lasers emitting in the 2 micron region. These lasers are specifically designed for scientific applications, such as super-continuum generation, spectroscopy, medical applications, and, in the near future, for material processing (e.g polymers )




Ultrafast Femtosecond Laser Source at 1950nm or 2070nm

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Supercontinuum Source

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Yb Doped Taper Fiber

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