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Waveguide Simulation

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PERFOS possesses a high level of expertise in the simulation of complex optical waveguides: computation of waveguide modes (i.e. electric field, magnetic field or both) and with the following corresponding propagation properties:

• Effective refractive indexes and confinement losses
• Transverse electromagnetic fields
• Effective mode area
• Phase and group modal birefringence
• Chromatic dispersion

The studied waveguides are structures, which are invariant in one spatial dimension and arbitrarily structured in the other two dimensions, and they may include:

• Real refractive-index profile of elements
• Stress distribution from stress-applying parts inside the waveguide
• Effects of external factors such as a hydrostatic pressure.

PERFOS also studies and simulates the pulse-propagation in nonlinear dispersive single-mode waveguides.

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